The digital revolution is upon us

Dietsmann is a global front-runner in Advanced Predictive Maintenance, investing in the digitalisation of its core business, the maintenance of industrial oil & gas and power plants facilities, to lead the way towards Smart Operation & Maintenance.

Two dedicated start-up companies, Dietsmann Smart Robotics Lab (DSRL) and Dietsmann Smart Data Lab (DSDL) were created, in Boussens, south-west of France, as we believe that Robotics and Big Data are crucial instruments that will enable us to provide to our clients the Operation & Maintenance of tomorrow.

What is advanced predictive maintenance ?


Using innovative Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning techniques, and Cloud Computing, based on real-time monitoring and evaluation of data generated via smart sensor technology to

  • prevent machine failure
  • increase uptime
  • optimize spare-part stocks

Deploying autonomous and remotely-controlled robots allows for smart inspection and maintenance automation by the use of intelligent roaming robots to

  • put men out of harm’s way
  • optimize production costs
  • reduce emissions to the environment

Discover who we are

Dietsmann invests in Austrian robotics firm Taurob

Discover Taurob's robot

What is the DSDL?

The DSRL & Taurob at Sprint Robotics

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